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Module leader: Krisztián Hofstädter
Module title: music for the moving image
Module code: MOD003619
Thursdays 11:00 – 13:00
Helmore 040, Cambridge


Music for the Moving Image allows you to create original music and sound design that plays with poetry, short films and video games using acoustic and computer-based methods of composition. Each assignment provides a variety of options, which can be extended with your own collaborations e.g. with students or professionals from related fields in the wider University or beyond. The practical assignments shall encourage you to develop a range of compositional techniques, using appropriate computer software and hardware in order to become competitive in your career as an artist. Assessment is via the production of a portfolio of the assignments, each accompanied by a succinct commentary.


Let’s discuss in class, via email or in the Facebook group.



You must submit your portfolio consisting of four assignments:

a1 imaginary soundscape
a2 dance of light interpretation
a3 short film
a4 game audio

as a one pager website hosted on GitHub.

Please write a short text for each of these assignments that introduces your main approach, methodology, etc. Make it simple, short and succinct.

Deadline: 2pm Thursday 20 Dec 2018

in more detail

a1 imaginary soundscape

Compose music that conveys information from one poem by Jonathan Noel Lloyd.

a2 dance of light interpretation

Compose music that is in synchresis with one art video by Rhea Quien.

a3 short film

Compose music to one short film in the relevant folder.

a4 game audio

Compose music and create sound design to Brian Cox’s video game, Vanquishers. (More games added later…)

After you sign the NDA agreement, you will be sent a download link in an email to a Dropbox folder called ‘m4mi-material’ that has the essential text and video files for you to start your work.

what to submit?

1) Your portfolio needs to be submitted as a webpage on GitHub, where according to the NDA form, your embedded video material must be protected with a password.

2) On Canvas you need to submit the url to this GitHub page and the password protecting your videos for instance on Wistia. (For a1 you don’t need a password as it is a music file only (not video). You can upload a1 to Soundcloud for instance).

3) As a backup, send the GitHub url and the video password as an email to the module tutor ( as well.

4) If you could not make the above steps, please send me your portfolio via a file sharing system e.g. Wetransfer.

The GitHub website is explained further in class. If you couldn’t attend this class, please check this tutorial.

extra points


A 10 min oral presentation where you demonstrate how music and sound design was used in a film, game or some project with audio content. You could consider investigating lists like this or even this. Also, have a look at the reading list, perhaps you find something there.

“The best way to learn is to teach.” ~ unknown

assignment criteria

Your work will be marked according to the criteria set out in this document. It will be marked by me and moderated by another staff in the music department. Selected submissions will also be examined by external examiners from other universities.

most important advice

The assignments should be considered as your own projects, not something you have to do for me or the university. Follow the rules outlined in this module guide, assessment criteria, etc., however, please keep in mind that the outcomes of your assignments can (and should) become part of your professional portfolios, which you later can use for networking, job hunting, etc.


Due to different student experience and expectations, this outline can be subject to change. Detailed notes for each week will be added gradually to this website.